Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunnyvale Elementary School District Site Boundaries Map

If elementary school ranking is important to you, then be extra careful of school boundaries in western Sunnyvale because the top elementary schools (Cherry Chase, Cumberland, and Ellis) all happen to border the worst performing elementary school (Vargas).

The most critical boundary is the dividing line between Cherry Chase (the top performing elementary school with 2009 API = 943) and Vargas (the worst performing with 2009 API = 729). West of Mary Ave, the homes south of El Camino are in Cherry Chase while the homes north of El Camino are in Vargas Elementary.

The 2nd most critical boundary is between Cumberland (the 2nd best school, API 879) and Vargas. In this case, the homes southeast of the corner formed by Mary Avenue & Washington Avenue are in the desirable Cumberland Elementary school zone.

The 3rd most critical boundary is between Ellis Elementary (the 3rd best school, API 823) and its two lower performing neighbors to the north Vargas (the worst performing, API 729) and Bishop (the 2nd worst, API 736). Ellis includes the Sunnyvale Town Center neighborhood that is southeast of the corner formed by Mathilda Ave and Evelyn Ave. Northwest of Washington Ave & Mathilda Ave is Vargas Elemenary school zone. North of Evelyn Ave between Mathilda Ave & Fair Oaks Ave is the Bishop Elementary school zone.

Reference: Sunnyvale Elementary School District: Site Boundaries Map ,

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