Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Foursquare for Real Estate?

What is Foursquare? In the founders' own words “foursquare is a cross between (1) a friend-finder, (2) a social city-guide and (3) a game that rewards you for doing interesting things.
We aim to build things to not only help you keep up with the places your friends go, but that encourage you to discover new places and challenge you to explore your neighborhood in new ways.”

Basically, Foursquare is a GPS-enabled game. When you arrive at a business, you "check in". By checking in, you:
1. See if any of your connected friends are at or near the same location
2. Discover and/or share tips about the business(es) at that location
3. Earn points toward becoming virtual "Mayor".

Foursquare could provide some relevant feedback if you are a location owner. At the very least, you can follow who has been checking into your establishment. Better yet, if the customers leave feedback, you know what good features you can promote and what areas of improvement you need to work on. Since most check-ins are merely check-ins, you need to make giving feedback fun.
Can Foursquare be used for real estate? Here are some possibilities:

1. Add your listings to Foursquare as a tracking and feedback mechanism. Encourage your visitors to “check in” and leave their feedback. This is another way to get worthwhile information to your seller.

2. Track attendance at office tours, caravans or meetings.

3. Work to become Mayor of a particular neighborhood. This could be of some value on a listing presentation. As Mayor, you advertise yourself as the area expert.

Creative Realtors can distinguish themselves by finding fun, engaging and professional ways to incorporate Foursquare into their business plan.

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