Friday, May 27, 2011

High Tech Realtor: Trulia Layar Real Estate App makes Zillow look like the Stone Ages

High Tech Realtor: Trulia Layar Real Estate App makes Zillow look like the Stone Ages
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A new Real Estate App has been created by Trulia in conjunction with a company called "Layar", one of the pioneers in "augmented reality". The App uses GeoLocation, Computer Vision, and Context Aware coding on an open API to augment real live objects on your camera phone with relevant data.

With regular Trulia, you look at a map, then figure out which house in the real world corresponds to the house on the map.

With the Trulia Layar Real Estate App, you take your camera phone, aim it at a bunch of houses ...or slowly turn around in a circle while pointing your camera phone at the row of houses, and as your camera passes over each house, data bubbles with listing/sales informationpop over the image of each house.

Layar has an open API. It is free to develop and/or use Apps on Layar. (This is a familiar model for developing web service apps for the web.)

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