Monday, December 26, 2011

Lynbrook High School area - a rough description

A homebuyer asked me to describe the area that is in the Lynbrook High School attendance area, so I thought I should just post it in case future homebuyers want a rough idea of it.

To send your child to Lynbrook High School, you could live in the neighborhoods just south of Bollinger and east of Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road. The exact boundaries of the Lynbrook high school region are hard to explain, but I will try. The Lynbrook region is roughly shaped like a slice of pie. The point of the slice that is in the middle of the pie coincides to the intersection of Bollinger and the point where De Anza Blvd becomes Saratoga-Sunnyvale Road. The perimeter of the slice reaches as far south as Cox and as far east as Lawrence Expressway. However, the boundary that is the perimeter of the pie is jagged and complicated to explain. In general, the further east and south you go, the more likely you will be exiting the Lynbrook area.

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