Monday, February 13, 2012

BART Warm Springs Extension

The Bay Area Rapit Transit (BART) Warm Springs Extension will add 5.4-miles of new tracks from the existing Fremont Station (near Mowry Ave and Paseo Padre) south to a new station in the Warm Springs district of the City of Fremont.

An optional Irvington Station may be built approximately midway, in the Irvington District, depending on future funding through the City of Fremont and may be added at a later date.

The BART extension will cross over Walnut Avenue; under Stevenson Boulevard, Fremont Central Park and the Union Pacific Railroad track in a subway; over Paseo Padre Parkway; under Washington Boulevard; under Auto Mall Parkway; and over South Grimmer Boulevard.

The Warm Springs Station will feature an at-grade island platform with an overhead concourse, intermodal access to Valley Transit Authority (VTA) and Alameda-Contra Costa Transit (AC Transit) buses, as well as taxi and "kiss and ride" passenger drop off areas, all via Warm Springs Boulevard. The new station will also provide approximately 2,000 parking spaces.

As with all BART stations, the Warm Springs Station will be fully accessible to pedestrians and bicyclists, and will include bike lockers, elevators and escalators, Braille signs and a tactile sight path to aid riders with disabilities.

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