Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Santa Clara Neighborhood: SE of Lawrence & Benton - Who's walking around the block at dusk?

Homebuyers often ask REALTORs, "What do you think of the neighborhood?"  I often tell them, "I think it's a neighborhood, but it matter more how YOU feel."  As an agent, I'm not supposed to give any opinion regarding the demographics, so the best I can do is state FACTS. 

At dusk on a Monday night, I walked around the Santa Clara neighborhood that is South East of Lawrence & Benton, South of Earl Carmichael Park, North of Stratford.School, Monticello Academy, and Curtis Practice Field.  Who are the people walking around the block at dusk?

7:25pm An older couple taking a brisk evening stroll
7:30pm A mom pushing her new baby in a stroller as her older toddler followed close behind.
7:35pm An engineer from Apple

What kind of neighborhood you like is a personal decision.  Your best bet is to do as I do ... walk around the neighborhood and see for yourself what type of people are walking around at that time of day.

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