Tuesday, August 20, 2013

HOA Package: Why order it? How is it different from the HOA Cert?

HOA_Pkg_Cert: Question: As an owner, I already have access to the HOA documents for my complex. Why do I need to pay $345 to order an official document from the HOA? Answer: The Residential Purchase Agreement states that the seller will pay for and provide the HOA package to the buyer. The seller should not create the package themselves because then the buyer might claim that the sellers only provided the information that was favorable and omitted negative parts of the HOA package. To avoid any potential for buyer to claim the seller hid anything, the seller should provide the soft copy of the HOA documents packaged as a set directly from the HOA all intact. The full intact HOA package soft copy may be in the form of a .zip file. The seller is protected from liability with the legal paperwork that is included in the package. Also, the seller gets a receipt that shows that they recently ordered a current HOA package. Question: What's the difference between and HOA package ordered by the seller and an HOA cert ordered by the buyer? Answer: The HOA package is provided by seller to buyer so the buyer can decide whether they want to buy the unit in that complex. The HOA cert is required by the buyer's lender so the lender can decide how much risk they would take on if they lend for a property in this complex.

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