Thursday, November 14, 2013

If I currently rent in Cupertino but want to own my own place in Cupertino, can my children stay at their current school until the end of the school year?

If I currently rent a condo in the Cupertino Union School District (CUSD) and my child currently attends our neighborhood Cupertino elementary school, what would happen if I buy a condo that goes to a different elementary school within CUSD?

I want to own my own place in Cupertino, but can my children stay at their current school until the end of the school year?

attending another school

move into new address

When you purchase a place, you are supposed to give the closing statement for your home purchase to your child's current school's secretary.  The school district will then update the school assignment for your child. 
To prove that you have physically moved into your new home address, you'll also have to give them a PG&E bill with your name on it, plus one form of ID within 30 days.

Student Assignment with the Cupertino Union School District.  Normally when you move to a new residence, you are supposed to update your address with CUSD.  However, if space is available you can request to have your child stay at his/her current school.
The good news is that Eisenhower 4th grade does have a few spots available.
Charlene also checked and confirmed that Eisenhower has nobody on their waiting list of
waiting families from overflow trying to get back to Eisenhower.  Bottom line is yes, since Eisenhower 4th grade has space right now, now is a good opportunity to buy something and also keep Nina at Eisenhower.
In fact, I checked the other elementary schools that feed to Hyde middle school and got more good news.  Sedgwick Elementary is very full and has very little space.  De Vargas Elementary 4th grade is also full.  That means if you buy a property in Sedgwick or De Vargas, they will be glad to allow Nina to continue at Eisenhower.  The situation can change at any time.  Right now the conditions are in your favor.  If you end up not finding the right place for several months, we may have to check the situation again.

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