Friday, December 27, 2013

Plan for North Tantau Ave when Apple builds its new spaceship campus in Santa Clara / Sunnyvale

One of big questions about the new Apple campus plan is whether the general public will still be allowed to drive on North Tantau Ave.  A good number of residents in that neighborhood use N. Tantau Ave as an alternative to the busier streets Lawrence Expressway and Wolfe Road. 

The four blue dots on the eastern edge of the brown region show where Tantau Ave now runs.  The southern end of North Tantau Ave clearly runs INSIDE the eastern edge of the new campus.  Below is a closeup of that portion:

The closeup photo above clearly shows North Tantau Ave running through the middle of the bottom of the blue enclosed region with 4 square buildings to the west and 6 square buildings to the east.

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  1. After studying the plans for the new campus, looks to me like neighboring residents will still be able to drive on North Tantau Ave. The main differences are (1) On the eastern edge of campus, Pruneridge Ave ends in a T-intersection when it hits North Tantau Ave. (2) Driving west on Pruneridge you will hit the employee parking garages just before you hit the T-intersection with Tantau Ave. (3) The general public will still be allowed to drive on North Tantau Ave, seeing that all the security checkpoints and at entrances just west of North Tantau Ave (4) Driving on North Tantau Ave will be slower since Apple will add a few pedestrian crosswalks and along Tantau just north of the T-intersection with Pruneridge will be the semi-circle driveway entrance for the "Corporate Transit Center"