Friday, April 11, 2014

City of Los Altos Hills served by 3 school districts: Palo Alto Unified, Los Altos School District, and Santa Clara County Bullis Charter

The City of Los Altos Hills is served by 3 school districts.  In order from the northwestern tip down to the southeastern tip, the elementary schools assigned to the different neighborhoods of Los Altos Hills are:

-- Palo Alto Unified: Lucille M. Nixon Elementary (API 955)
-- Los Altos School District: Bullis Elementary (API 947)
-- Los Altos School District: Covington Elementary (API 974)
-- Los Altos School District: Loyola Elementary (API 954)

In addition to the neighborhood schools listed above, residents from Los Alto Hills can also enter a lottery to try to get into a nearby Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) charter school known as Bullis Charter School (BCS), which serves Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Expanding to include middle and high schools, the order from NW to SE is:
--PAUSD: Nixon Elem (955)/Terman Middle (968)/Gunn High (917)
--LASD: Bullis Elem (947)/Egan Intermed (976)/Los Altos High (895)
--LASD: Covington Elem (974)/Egan Intermed (976)/Los Altos High (895)
--LASD: Loyola Elem (954)/Blach Intermed (958)/Mtn View High (861)

 To see the boundary maps for the school attendance areas mentioned above, click the hyperlinks below:
--Palo Alto Unified School District
--Los Altos School District

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