Friday, July 18, 2014

Where in the Prelim do I check to saveCondo vs. PUD

Question: How do you determine whether a property is a condo (i.e. has condo ownership) or is in a Planned Unit Development (aka PUD ownership)?
Answer: Check the Preliminary Title Report.   The Prelim Page#1 Item#1 To help determine whether the property is a h Condo or pud from prelim page1.

If Item #1 says "A Condo", then it's a condo.
If Item #1 says "A Fee", then most likely the property is in a PUD.

Check out Page4 of the preliminary title report:
If you see HOA and dues, then the property is part of a PUD because the owners pay a maintenance fee.

Divided interest in your unit plus undivided interest in the common areas.

Condos have undivided interest in the entire complex.

Different lenders charge different fees for different types of ownership.

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