Thursday, August 7, 2014

Trumark Homes' Momentum at Pace in Milpitas

Trumark Homes' Momentum at Pace in Milpitas offers 2 floor-plans. 

Click here to see the brochure.

Page 1 lists the Features and Amenities.  Pages 3-4 show the two floor-plans (which they call "residences"). 

Both Plans 1 and 2 have tandem garages.

Both Plans 1 and 2 are more rectangular in shape.

Both Plans 1and  2 have the master and the 2nd bedroom separated by a laundry room.

Both Plans 1 and 2 are tri-level.  However, plan 1 has kitchen, great room, and half bath down on the 1st floor, which minimizes the occupants' climbing and descending of stairs.  Plan 2 is organized like a typical tri-level from other home builders in the Bay Area (1st floor has garage, den, guest bedroom, guest bathroom; 2nd floor has kitchen/dining/living rooms; 3rd floor has the remaining bedrooms).

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