Saturday, May 7, 2016

Robert Lei shattered the Fair Oaks Place record !! Got 10 offers for 707 San Conrado Terrace #6 and sold it for $721,000 zero contingencies

Robert Lei was the listing agent for 707 San Conrado Terrace #6, got 10 offers for his seller, and sold it with zero contingencies for $721,000 !! 

Among the complexes at Fair Oaks Place (San Conrado Terrace) and Fair Oaks 90, Robert Lei was able to achieve the highest price BY FAR for his sellers.  Robert's $721,000 dwarfs the other units recent sales for only $618,000 and $605,000.

Robert also sold the single family house at 1084 Rembrandt Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94087 for one of the highest prices per sqft in the Painter/Birdland/Stocklmeir neighborhood.

If you would like a REALTOR who knows how to get you the maximum profit for you on the sale of your property, call Robert Lei (408) 893-2410.

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