Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Two Opportunities for People Looking for Land for Real Estate Development

Looking for land development opportunities. Two plots of land in Los Gatos #1 is 3 quarters acre of vacant land zoned C-1, which is the widest range of development for commercial. It is C-1 land which is zoned for commercial or mixed use. This is ideal land for a developer/builder who is experienced with building commercial, such as dental offices, restaurants, mixed-use, retail, after-school, tutoring center, etc. #2 is 5.5 acres flat land on top of a hill with views of the South Bay. Much of the planning work at the county has already been completed. The property is ready to go. ..have the grading permit...haven't pulled..bec trying to sell... The building permit can be issued anytime. The house has already been designed with permits. The main house will be a contemporary-style 4,000 sqft house designed for luxury living, with an infinity pool, media room, grand room, etc. The 2nd unit will be an in-law 789sqft... It's all ready to go. When you purchase the land you also get the plans. ** If you like to build your own home. This location is perfect. I can take you there. You will love that spot. It is unique and you will love to live there. I can send you the drawing plans and other information. Just text me your email address.

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