Sunday, October 2, 2011

Broccoli floating up into my laundry utility sink?! How did that happen?

Why is broccoli floating up into my laundry utility sink?! This could happen to you too. In some homes, the kitchen drain line connects to the laundry drain line. There's nothing wrong with this. However, make sure to finish your broccoli. I witnesses one homeowner have broccoli coming up through her laundry utility sink. Apparently, her kids didn't like broccoli, so she dumped lots of broccoli down her garbage disposal. The broccoli clogged the path from her kitchen sink toward the main plumbing line. With that direction blocked, the waste from the kitchen sink was now forced to flow in the other direction, toward the laundry utility sink in the garage. Bits of broccoli were floating up into that garage sink.

The solution was to call C&K Plumbing & Drain Service. He pointed out a vent that was sticking up out of the roof above the kitchen. That was the place to snake down into the kitchen drain lines. He pointed to another vent that was on the roof above the washer dryer hookup. Those were for the laundry lines. Furthermore, on the roof above the master bathroom and the hall bathroom were one vent each for snaking down into those two bathroom drain lines if needed someday.

C&K Plumbing provided this drain service for kitchen sink drain and laundry drain with roof power snaking for a total price of $120. That was quite reasonable for short notice call on a Sunday with his assistant having to carry that heavy snake machine up onto the roof.

Let this be a lesson to all, EAT your broccoli, do NOT toss it down the drain. Even if you chop it into tiny bits with the garbage disposal, it can mix with laundry lint to clog your drains. If you really can't stand broccoli, then throw it away in the garbage rather than down the kitchen sink.

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