Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cupertino Lynbrook High School Math Curriculum

Many parents like to buy homes in neighborhoods that will get their kids into the top schools. One such neighborhood is the Lynbrook High School neighborhood. Lynbrook High is one of the top high schools in the state.

What can your child expect at Lynbrook High as far as math curriculum?

After holding multiple open houses in the Lynbrook High neighborhood, I took the opportunity to speak to some of the parents about what their kids actually learn while in Lynbrook High. Since math is a subject which builds upon itself from stage to stage, this is the most important subject to plan. The sequence of math classes in Lynbrook High is as follows:

8th Grade: Geometry
Freshman Year: Algebra2 & Trigonometry
Sophomore Year: Pre-Calculus
Junior Year: AP Calculus

I don't know yet what comes in Senior Year. I'll have speak to some parents who happen to have a child in their Senior Year.

Is it true that the only way for students at Lynbrook to keep up with their peers is to use a private tutor? I don't know whether it's the ONLY way, but I can tell you from my discussions with Lynbrook parents that indeed it is common to have outside tutoring. Why is this so? Because other students gain extra knowledge through outside tutors, your child may need one just to keep up. Some of the Lynbrook teachers know that their students are getting outside tutoring thus make up very challenging exams. Some kids who listen in class and do well on the quizzes, but find that the exams test much more challenging concepts than were on the quizzes.

By the way, two topics that I am very good at are real estate and math. I've been interested in real estate ever since I was little 3rd grader and heard the story of one of our neighbors who was set for life because he bought many homes during the Great Depression. As a 3rd grader I started saving money for a down payment by saving the money my father gave me for getting all A's on my report card. With math, I was naturally good at it. I competed against the smartest kids in my state and came out on top as NH State Math Champion my senior year in high school. As you probably guessed, I got an 800 on my GRE Math.

If you are interested in buying or selling a house in one of the good school districts, I can take care of your real estate transaction and also tutor your kids in math.

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