Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mountain View Non-Profit Organization Helps Workers and Employers Meet

Mountain View Non-Profit Organization Helps Workers and Employers Meet (edit/delete)

The Day Worker Center of Mountain View provides reliable workers who are ready to serve anyone who needs help with housecleaning, yard work, moving, painting, plumbing, contruction, general labor, carpentry, electrical, leafleting, childcare, eldercare, handyman work, sign dance, etc.

The bilingual staff will help you find workers suitable for your job.

For further info you can visit or contact:

Day Worker Center of Mountain View

113 Escuela Ave (at end of Escuela going towards Central Expressway)

Mountain View, CA 94040

(650) 903-4102

Monday thru Saturday 7am-5pm

Workers are available 24/7 by previous arrangement.

The service of identifying suitable workers for your specific job is provided by the Day Worker Center free of charge. However, you still must pay the worker for their work. A wage of $10-$15 per hour is suggested, with higher pay for special skills. You must agree on pay rate before you leave the Day Worker Center. You are expected to pay the workers in full daily. All of your payment will go to the worker. The Day Work Center does not charge anything for its services.

Although some workers have bicycles, you should plan on picking up and returning workers to the center. Some workers will not have food and drink with them. Please offer them something throughout the day. Please also show them the nearest restroom.

Robert Lei

Real Estate Professional

Century 21 El Camino

Sunnyvale, CA 94087

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