Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fusion Sunnyvale : No need to get there early. Just get there on time.

When Fusion Sunnyvale conducts its sales release for building 36 on June 9th, you don't need to camp out.  You do not need to get there early; you just need to get there on time.

If interested in buying in this upcoming sales release, then when June 9th rolls around, arrive promptly at 9:30am and complete a Home Preference Form listing which home you would like to purchase.  There is no need to arrive BEFORE 9:30am because if more than one buyer wants the same home, a drawing will conducted "bingo ball" style.  Hopeful homebuyers will have equal chance no matter who arrived first.  You can camp out the whole night, but you will still only get 1 bingo ball added for this release.

I say "added" because hopeful homebuyers who submitted Home Preference Forms for previous sales releases at Fusion but did not purchase a home will be given bingo balls for each previous sales release in which they participated.  If you tried two times before, you will have a total of 3 bingo balls in this next release lottery.  However, if you cancelled a reservation of sale in the past, you lose all the bingo ball allotments you had previously earned for the sales releases you attended prior to your cancellation.

If you win the lottery, you will be asked to sign a "Reservation Instrument" form and write a deposit check for $5,000 to First American Title Company.  Even if you are a backup offer, you will need to sign a backup "Reservation Instrument" and provide a $5,000 deposit check.

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