Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cupertino Union School District Student Assignment Questions

To check what schools to which your child will be assigned, check the link in the schools section of my blog:

If you have questions regarding special situation or just want to confirm, you should call the Cupertino Union School District Student Assignment Department:

Student Assignment(408) 252-3000, Ext. 110

Sample Question(s):
If we are renting at Meridian Woods complex at 410 Auburn Way, San Jose, CA 95129 and our oldest child already goes to Eisenhower Elementary, what will happen if we decide to buy in the same complex?  Will our eldest child be allowed to continue going to Eisenhower Elementary?  Our youngest child is not yet in school.  Will she be allowed to enter kindergarten at Eisenhower to join her elder sister?  Or will she have to go to De Vargas Elementary?

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