Sunday, January 22, 2012

Detailed breakdown of Campbell Union School District Elementary School Boundaries

Click the hypertext for a detailed map of the Campbell Union elementary school attendance area boundaries.

However, since the street detail of the map is hard to read, I've provided a verbal description of the street boundaries of the top elementary schools within the Campbell Union School District, starting from highest API to lowest API (based on 2011 API rankings):

1. Marshall Lane (API 953)
Marshall Lane is the furthest southwest of the Campbell Union School District Elementary School Boundaries. The majority of the Marshall Lane region is southwest of Hwy 85. In fact, Hwy 85 is the northeastern boundary line of the Marshall Lane region from Quito Rd southeastward to Pollard Rd.

West of Quito Rd, the Marshall Lane region reaches northward just enough to include Devon Ave and westward just enough to include Montrose St.

Northeast of Pollard Rd & Hwy 85 a staircase pattern defined by east on Pollard Rd, north along Harriet Ave, east along W. Hacienda Ave, north along Archer Way, east along Westmont Ave then turning back south on S. San Tomas Aquino Rd and continuing southeast along the east part of Pollard Rd down to where it almost touches Hwy 85 again.

2. Forest Hill (API 931)
Forest Hill is contained on the west by Quito Rd and on the east by S. San Tomas Aquino Rd. The southern edge of the Forest Hill region starts at the northern edge of Marshall Lane region (see above). The northern boundary of Forest Hill starts at Quito Rd and Baylor Ave then staircases eastward along Baylor, southward along Villanova Rd, east along Vanderbilt Dr, then roughly continues along S. San Tomas Aquino Rd.

3. Capri (API 867)
Capri is northeast of Marshall Lane and east of Forest Hill. Capri extends from Hwy 85 at its southernmost point up to W. Campbell Ave at its northernmost boundary.

4. Sherman Oak (API 845)
Sherman Oaks is a triangular slice of pie region north of Southwest Expwy and east of S Bascom Ave. Its northern boundary is roughly defined by Hwy 280, except that it juts a little north of Hwy 280 just northwest of San Jose City College. This extra piece starts at S Bascom Ave and Scott St, heads east on Scott St, south on Rutland Ave until it hits Parkmoor Ave.

5. Castlemont (API 824)
The Castlemont region is just WSW of the Sherman Oaks wedge-shaped region. Castlemont is bounded on the west by S. Winchester Blvd and on the east by S. Bascom Ave.

The remaining schools with lower API, which I will describe in less detail are:
6. Lynhaven (API 802)
Lynhaven is northwest of Castlemont.

7. Rosemary (API 771)
Rosemary is southwest of Castlemont.

8. Blackford (API 763)
Blackford is east of Sherman Oaks region and Castlemont region.

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