Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stocklmeir's lottery system means parents don't have to camp out

The Cupertino Union School District will be running a lottery system for spots in Stocklmeir Elementary. Some people don't like to hear the word lottery for such an important issue, but the reason for the lottery makes sense. If the school district had offered spots on a first-come, first-served basis, then we'd see a long line of parents camping outside the office to ensure their kids got it. With kindergarten spots offered to Stocklmier Elementary through a lottery, all parents have an equal shot at getting their child in as long as they pick up their registration packet on time within the registration window of Jan 30th – Feb 16th. Parents don't gain any advantage by camping out for early registration.

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  1. I missed the open enrollment for the Stocklmeir Elementary. I am planning to move to a home in Stocklmeir boundaries in coming April 2012. How should I approach the school registration/enrollment? Would I get a chance to OPT for Regnart or Something in CUSD? Or the school district would assign for me?