Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ramifications if you lose the Cupertino Union School District's Stocklmeir Elementary Lottery

The Cupertino Union School District (CUSD) will once again hold a lottery for kids entering kindergarten for families who live within the boundaries of Stocklmeir Elementary School.

However, this is no cause for alarm. The CUSD expects all (or at least most) of the students to get into Stocklmeir.

The unlucky parents whose kids don't get into Stocklmeir through the lottery have other options that aren't that bad.

They can apply to other elementary schools within the Cupertino Union School District. What distinguishes Cupertino from some other top school districts is that ALL the schools within the Cupertino Union School District are highly ranked. If you don't get into one high ranking school, you will find a place in another high ranking school. (Contrast this to Fremont Mission San Jose where if you don't get into Mission San Jose, you suffer a rather steep drop down.)

Surprising, other top elementary schools do have openings. Regnart Elementary (API 976) has an even HIGHER ranking than Stocklmeir (API 966), but does often have openings because most families cannot afford to buy a house in Regnart Elementary neighborhood.

Even if you don't get into Regnart Elementary (API 976)or any other alternative school, the "overflow school site" fallback this year for kids who don't get into Stocklmeir Elementary (API 966) is John Muir Elementary (API 944), a very good school in it's own right. If your child ends up having to go to John Muir, your child will get free transportation from Stocklmeir to John Muir. CUSD will provide transportation for you since they realize you would be inconvenienced by the extra driving distance.

Parents who didn't get into Stocklmeir are put on a waiting list. If and when space opens up at Stocklmeir, the CUSD will notify the next family on the waiting list and give them the option to either stay at their childs current kindergarten class (e.g. John Muir) or move to Stocklmeir.

However, as mentioned in my other blog post, for the upcoming 2012-2013 school year, the CUSD expects everybody to get in.

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